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Fall maintenance reminders

Here are some helpful maintenance reminders. As the seasons change you will need to prepare your house so that maintenance issues do not arise at the most inconvenient time.

Check your air filters and schedule routine maintenance with your air conditioning company to keep your unit working and maintain it's life.

Check your smoke detector batteries to make sure your family is safe. Most newer homes have the smoke alarms hardwired but the still need batteries in the even of a power failure.

Check and clean your gutters so that they do not get clogged and cause damage to your roof.

Prepare your flower beds for the colder temperatures by adding mulch and purchasing items to cover the delicate plants. Purchase now while the stores are stocked.

Prepare your outdoor pet areas for the colder weather so that your pets will be comfortable and safe.

Call a chimney professional to check your chimney and clean it if needed to ensure the safety of your family. Chimneys can get a build up and a build up of harmful residue can be unsafe.

Now is a good time to check your outdoor electrical outlets to make sure they are in good shape and ready for holiday lights.

Most of all enjoy the new season!

Fall is here!

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